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Sports Management

Sport management involves any combination of skills related to the planning, organizing, directing, controlling, budgeting, leading and evaluating within the context of an organization or department whose primary product or service is related to sport or physical activity, according to the National Association of Sport and Physical Education (NASPE). Majors in this field undergo degree programs that provide a thorough understanding of sport, business/management, and significant and meaningful practical work experiences related to managing sport organizations and events.

Sport managers carry out these skills in a variety of organizational settings: college sports, professional sports, amateur sports (the Olympics), sport marketing and management firms, sport communications and news media firms, corporate sponsorship and advertising firms, sporting goods firms, arenas, stadium, and civic centers, community recreation sports programs, social service agency sports programs (YMCA, YWCA, JCC), private club sports programs and military sports programs.

Career outlooks are bright within this multi-billion dollar industry. Some career titles include, general manager, director of athletics, media relations assistant, facility manager, sports agent, marketing director, director of sports media, guest relations specialist and more.

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