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Faculty and Staff

Michael Kiefer, Interim Division Chair

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Part Time Faculty & Staff

Nancy Abraham
Contact Information

(1974) Instructor of: Online Fitness
B.S.Ed., M.S.T., Georgia Southern University

Sherry Askey
Contact Information

(1999) Instructor of: Aerobics, In-Line Skating, Cardio Kickboxing, Aquatic Circuit Training
A.A., Darton College
B.S., Auburn University

Pamela Bagley
Contact Information

(2003) Instructor of: Pilates, Aerobic Dance, Yoga
B.S., University of Georgia

Bengie Cravey
Contact Information

(1981) Instructor of: Human Sexuality, Drugs and Drug Abuse
MED, BS, University of Georgia
AS, Albany Jr. College

Ronald G. Crump
Contact Information

(2013) Health & Physical Education, Adjunct Instructor
M.S., Kinesiology/Athletic Coaching - Georgia Southern State University
B.S. Ed, Georgia Southwestern State University
AA, Darton State College

Dana Freeman - Photo not available
Contact Information

(2008) Part Time PHED Instructor
B.S., Georgia Southwestern State University

Samantha Helton
Contact Information

(2010) Instructor of: Zumba, Aqua Zumba, Latin Dance
B.F.A., Valdosta State University

Brandon Hemmings
Contact Information

(2011) Head Baseball Coach
Part Time PHED Instructor
B.B.A., ____
M.B.A., ____

Norma W. Karst
Contact Information

(2011) Instructor of: Beginning Horsemanship
Equine/Horsemanship Certification

Jane Kelly
Contact Information

(2005) Retired Division Chair of Physical Education
Part Time Instructor
B.S., Education - Georgia Southwestern University
M.S., Education - Georgia Southwestern University
L-5, Education - Albany State University

Virginia Langstaff - Photo not available
Contact Information

(2007) Instructor of: Tennis
B.B.A., Georgia State University

Rebecca Mohl
Contact Information

(2010) Head Athletic Trainer
Part Time Instructor
A.S., General Studies - Darton College
B.S.Ed., Athletic Training - University of Georgia
M.S.Ed., Secondary Education - University of Georgia

Susan Nelson
Contact Information

(2007) Instructor of: Physical Education
B.S., Georgia Southwestern State University

Bart Sasnett
Contact Information

(2007) Men's Soccer Coach
Part Time PHED Instructor
A.S.C.C., Andrew College
B.S., Tennessee Wesleyan College

Lani Tennyson - Photo not available
Contact Information

(2007) Part Time PHED Instructor
B.S., Valdosta State University

Ducky Wall
Contact Information

(2000) Information Officer/Night Security Supervisor
Part-Time Instructor of: Golf I & II
B.S., Business Administration - Augusta State University.
PGA Business School - Clearwater, Florida
PGAA Certification, Augusta College

Boone A. Webster
Contact Information

(YYYY) Assistant Baseball Coach
Part Time PHED Instructor
B.A., Mercer University

Dr. Alan D. Wilson
Contact Information

(2003) Associate Professor of Biology
PHED Instructor of: Body Flow Classes
B.A. in Biology, University of Tennessee
B.A. in Chemistry, University of Tennessee
M.D., University of Tennessee Center for Health Sciences

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