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Facilities Information

Fitness Center

Director: Ken Kirsch
Office Number: (229) 317 - 6322
Office Location: Room 105 A

The Darton State College Fitness Facility is located in the Physical Education Building (E) in room 105. The Fitness Center is available free of charge to all Darton Students, Faculty/Staff, Faculty/Staff Dependents, Darton Retirees, Foundation Members, and Darton Boosters. Our facility is equipped with equipment that allows the faculty, staff, and students to achieve an enjoyable, efficient, and satisfactory physical workout.


  • A 15 piece Nautilus Nitro Machine Weight Circuit
  • Cardio Deck with Treadmills, Elliptical Trainers, Upright and Recumbent Bikes, Stair Stepper, and Nustep Trainer
  • Free Weight Area equipped with flat, incline, decline, and utility benches, squat racks, cable crossover, and a full line of dumbbell free weights
  • Stereo and televisions for entertainment while exercising
  • Stretching and Abdominal Area with medicine and exercise balls
  • Medicine Ball Wall Station

Policies and Procedures:

  1. Completion of paperwork and installation of information into Fitnesstrac
  2. Log in with DC id
    • Tennis shoes and appropriate workout clothing (NO Tank Tops and NO Sandals)
    • No food or tobacco products (non-alcoholic beverages permitted)
    • Spotter required for bench press and squat rack
    • Collars required for free weights
  3. Log-out when finished with workout and leaving Fitness Center


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