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Physical Education Requirements for Graduation

  1. Any course with a 2000 number does not count in Area G. PHED 2210 Sports Injury and Prevention is an Area B course and does not satisfy Area G requirements. PHED 2201 Introduction to Physical Education, Fitness and Sport.
  2. Physical Education waivers do not exist. Any student may take HLTH courses for credit by exam. HLTH 1160 and activity courses cannot receive credit by exam except under special circumstances and approval of the chair. HLTH courses can also be taken if the student is unable to participate in PHED activity courses.
  3. If a student is lacking a physical education course needed for graduation due to factors beyond his/her control, the following are the procedures to request a course substitution or credit by exam for courses other than the ones listed above:
    1. Meet with the student and determine the course needed or the substitution needed.
    2. Make a written request citing the factors beyond the student’s control to your division chair.
    3. The request will be sent to the division chair for approval or disapproval and will be forward to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for a decision.

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