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A Metamorphosis in Instruction and Learning:
Moving from a Static to a Dynamic Model

Darton College, Science/Math
Albany, Georgia
Lyndasu Crowe and Robert Wynegar

Extra Photo of Tablets in Use

As an outcome of our pilot project, the lead teacher discovered the need for a more dynamic system, one in which the instructor could alter support material “on the fly” to support student learning. By training faculty cohorts in the use of tablets and the more dynamic instructional options they permit, we will be able to quickly expand the use of this technology and its associated pedagogies across campus. Faculty will be able to create learning environments that more closely match the learning styles and needs of our students.

Photo of Tablets being used

Impact on Teaching

Because faculty members were chosen from every division on our campus, we are already seeing the impact of our project. Each faculty member will use the software deployment that best suits the learning environment of the specific discipline.

Success will be measured by the continued use of the technology by our cohort members and the expansion of the project to other faculty. We will track student achievement and withdrawal rates in the project classes.

One Year Ago
- The predominant instructional style for face-to- face classes was lecture supported with technology to project static information.
- Twelve faculty have been trained to use tablet technology in their classrooms.
One Year From Now
- Twenty-four faculty will be using tablet technology for instruction. Tracking of the students in these classes will reveal increased hits in WebCT VISTA for archived lectures, increased GPA’s, increased retention, and decreased withdrawals.

Technology Implementation

The first faculty cohort of twelve will use tablets in their classrooms this semester. Deliver is varied from the one tablet model and inking on power-points to the use of the mobile cart and varied multimedia software. Darton is installing wireless projector antennae for each classroom.

Extra Photo of Tablets in Use

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