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Computer Science

(Business Division)

Total Credit Hours:
Program Type:
Associate of Science (Transfer)
Major Code:
Courses Required:
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Who is this program for?

Person interested in working in the field of computer hardware or software design and development would be interested in this program. Careers in Computer Science include Programmer, Software Quality Control, System Analyst, Software Engineer, Computer Scientist (R&D) etc. Since all industries rely heavily on computers, computer science majors can find job in a wide variety of fields such as engineering, medicine, banking, finance, manufacturing, government etc.

What is this program about?

Students will take programming classes and some math classes (calculus II). They will learn the grammar rules and how to design a good program in C++ and Java languages. CS program requires students to have logical thinking and good reading skill.

Where are the classes held?

Location Offered?
Albany Yes
Cordele Yes
Thomasville No
Colquitt No
Swainsboro No
Americus No
Channel 19 Yes
Online Yes

How are the classes offered?

Program Type Offered?
On Campus Only No
Hybrid Program Yes
Online Program No

A Hybrid Program is defined as a program containing a mixture of both online and on campus courses.
An Online Program is defined as a program that can be completed without having to set foot on campus.

When would I have the program completed by?

2 years plus the summer in between for the full time enrolled student

Why would or should I be interested in this program?

Computer Science is an exciting field of study. There are high paying jobs and endless job opportunities in computing. This is a perfect field of study for student who might be looking for a carrier where they can work from home. Computers drive research and development in every field such as business, education, art, engineering, medicine, banking, finance, manufacturing, government, aerospace etc. So there is always need for computer scientist. Programming is not the only career choice for computer science students. One can choose to go for technical writing , quality control or in the sales of software or high-tech equipment.

Employment Opportunities?

Average Starting Salary?

Responsible Department: Business
Last Modified: July 23, 2007
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