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Forensic Science

(Science/Mathematics Division)

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Program Type:
Associate of Science (Transfer)
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Who is this program for?

A forensic scientists a vital part of the justice and regulatory system of our society. Issues range from questions of the validity of a signature on a will, to a claim of product liability, to questions of whether a corporation is complying with environmental laws, and the protection of constitutionally guaranteed individual rights. Forensic science is a rewarding career where the love of science can be applied to the good of society, public health, and public safety.

What is this program about?

Forensic scientists work in laboratories, at crime scenes, in offices, and in morgues. They may work for federal, state and local government, forensic laboratories, medical examiners offices, hospitals, universities, toxicology laboratories, police departments, medical examiner/coroner offices, or as independent forensic science consultants. The forensic science program prepares students with the basic skills needed to continue at a college or university to complete a four year degree. Completion of the forensic science program typically takes two years of study. After successful completion of the program students generally complete a four year undergraduate degree. After completion of a four year degree students may go on to complete a masters or a Ph. D. in forensic science. The two years of study at the associate of science degree level (approximately 60 semester hours) may include courses such as; General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, General Biology, Physics, Calculus, English Composition, Speech, Humanities Electives, Economics, Social/Behavioral Sciences Electives, and other electives.

Where are the classes held?

Location Offered?
Albany Yes
Cordele Yes
Thomasville No
Colquitt No
Swainsboro No
Americus No
Channel 19 Yes
Online Yes

How are the classes offered?

Program Type Offered?
On Campus Only No
Hybrid Program Yes
Online Program No

A Hybrid Program is defined as a program containing a mixture of both online and on campus courses.
An Online Program is defined as a program that can be completed without having to set foot on campus.

When would I have the program completed by?

2 years plus the summer in between for the full time enrolled student.

Why would or should I be interested in this program?

Forensic scientists are thinkers, good with details and are good with putting pieces of a puzzle together. They apply scientific knowledge to assist juries, attorneys, and judges in understanding science. Some scientists work in laboratories and some also go out to places where crimes are committed. Others teach in colleges and universities. Entry level positions start in the low $40,000, while lab administrators can make about $150,000.

Employment Opportunities?

Average Starting Salary?

Responsible Department: Science/Mathematics
Last Modified: July 23, 2007
Program Contact: Lyndasu Crowe
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