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Infectious Disease Policy

Excerpt from Student Handbook:
It is the policy of Darton College that all applicable federal, state and local laws pertaining to contagious or infectious diseases, all matters of public health, as well as those governing discrimination and privacy, should be appropriately observed and followed in the operation of the College.

The College shall not discriminate on the basis that the individual has a chronic communicable disease.

The College recognizes the right of every person to privacy and confidentiality and will not disclose any information regarding the health status of applicants, students, employees, or patients without prior written consent.

Each curricula involving exposure to blood or other body fluids shall utilize the most current U.S. Center for Disease Control Guidelines and Universal Precautions as the basis of instruction in infection control procedures. All students and employees are expected to understand and shall adhere to these guidelines.

Students enrolled in programs that have affiliations with health care facilities shall be subject to any additional requirements enforced by the facility.

The faculty, staff, and students in health care programs shall uphold professional and ethical standards of care.

Vice President of Student Affairs
Building K, Room 332
(229) 317-6728

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