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Help Maintain Our High Standards

An Ethical Workplace Starts With You

Darton College has a responsibility to conduct business ethically and legally, but we need your help to reach that goal. By "doing what's right" every day, you'll help us build a reputation for excellence and integrity.

Why should I care?

Unethical or illegal activity can have serious consequences for individuals. Colleges may also be financially penalized through lawsuits, claims, fines or restrictions. But most importantly, you should care, because this is your College, and what harms it can harm you personally and professionally.

How can I help maintain High Standards of Business Conduct?

1. Common Examples of Harmful Activity

2. Think Before You Act

  • Accounting or auditing irregularities
  • Waste of resources
  • Destroying, altering or falsifying College Records
  • Privacy laws
  • Misuse of assets
  • Harassment, discrimination or threats
  • Concerns regarding athletic programs
  • Fraud
  • Standards of Conduct violations
  • Creating or ignoring safety/ environmental hazards
  • Violations of College regulations

If you are ever tempted to act unethically, ask yourself:

  • Is it illegal?
  • Could it cause loss or harm to your co-workers, the students, the public, Darton College, or vendors doing business with the College?
  • Would you feel uncomfortable if everyone knew you did it?

If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, the action is wrong. Don't do it. If the answers aren't clear, consult College policy or speak to a supervisor. When you do what's right, you uphold our high standards and set a good example for others.

The Benefits of an Ethical Workplace

  • More opportunities for raises and career advancement
  • More comprehensive institutional benefits
  • More pleasant working conditions
  • Increased safety and security
If you see or suspect unethical or illegal activity, don't ignore it. Express your concern. You could stop a friend from making a big mistake. If the situation doesn't improve, discuss your concerns with the appropriate supervisor.

A Confidential Option

If you don't feel comfortable speaking directly to a supervisor or dean, call The Network, an independent company that provides hotline services for organizations worldwide.

This service is not intended as a substitute for speaking directly with supervisors or other personnel. It is an option that is always available if you want to help.

When You Call

You are greeted by a friendly interview specialist who documents your concern and relays the information back to our College for follow-up. You don't have to give your name, and your call is not recorded without your consent. The interview specialist will assign you a report number and ask you to call back to add any new information or to answer additional questions the College might have.

That's all it takes to speak up. In just a few minutes, you've done your part to make the College a better place to work.

Global Compliance


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