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Black History
Past and Present

Black History Month is a time to reflect on the past history of those who help made significant changes to the world we live in. It's a time to learn how our people struggle for freedom and peace. The following Links will help you search the past.

Carter G. Woodson

Carter G. Woodson

The Negro National Anthem

"Lift Every Voice and Sing"
by James Weldon Johnson

Black History Web Sites

Blacks and the Military

Navy Pilot Colin Powell
Tuskegee Airmen Buffalo Soldiers Black Wings
Photo of Tuskegee Airmen Photo of Buffalo Soldiers Photo of Black Wings - Click for more information (opens new window)

Blacks in Sports

Walter Payton         Image                 Alice Coachman, Olympic Gold Medalist

African American Art

Gelede Mask,
early 20th century
Archer figure Equestrian figure Commemorative figure
Photo of Gelede Mask, early 20th century - Click for more information (opens new window) Photo of Archer figure Photo of Equestrian figure Photo of Commemorative figure

Plaque Staff of Office Reliquary figure
Photo of Plaque Photo of Staff of Office Photo of Reliquary figure 1880-1910

Night Life at the Studio / Artist: Ernest Watson Gospel Travelers / Artist: Ernest Watson

“Female Buffalo Solider” / John William Davis “‘Flippers’ Prayer” / Tod Fredericks
Photo of Female Buffalo Solider Photo of Flippers Prayer

Old Time Religion / Artist: Ernest Watson The Little Diviner
Photo of Old Time Religion Photo of The Little Diviner

The Banjo Lesson / Artist: Henry Tanner Offering / Artist: Monica Stewart
Photo of The Banjo Lesson Photo of Offering

Black Inventors and Scientists


Black Entertainers and the Performing Arts


Historically Black College
and Universities

First Black Mayors

8 Black Mayors Autographs on 1978 1st day of issue Harriet Tubman Coleman
Photo of

First Black Police Chiefs

Black Literature

Black History Books at Darton

For other books search: https://gil.darton.edu/ (opens new window)

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