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Distance Learning InterLibrary Loan


  1. Do a Title or Author search in the Library Catalog (GIL-Find) (opens new window) to check Darton’s holdings for your selection if you are trying to get a book.
  2. Check with the Reference Desk about the:
    • Serials (magazine, journal, newspaper, periodical...),
    • In some cases if you are in GALILEO (opens new window) you may Click on "Display Locations" to see if the material is available at the Library.

For Darton State College distance learning students who do not attend any on-campus courses and who reside outside the Darton State College service area, the Library will fax or mail materials to remote locations from the Library collection. To order material from the Darton Library collection OR to order material NOT available in the Collection, just choose and fill out one of the following forms.

Students or Faculty of Darton State College who attend classes ON campus should fill out the Regular ILL Form.


  • LibGuides info: http://libguides.darton.edu/RESEARCH (opens new window)
  • (For all students esp. DISTANCE LEARNERS) How to Access Items NOT in Full Text: GIL Express and InterLibrary Loan (ILL)
    • [CURRENTLY full time employed or full or part-time enrolled at Darton State College otherwise check with your institution of enrollment]:
    • Items must be returned on time or YOUR RECORDS MAY BE FROZEN - check DARTON Library Account for due dates/renew if possible!
    • Print BOOKS: GIL EXPRESS: after searching GIL-Find (opens new window) for Darton, if we do NOT have the book go to the Universal Catalog (opens new window). Search ALL schools or limit to nearby ones if you are, for example, near Albany State or Ga Southwestern. This universal borrowing service = GIL Express (opens new window).
    • Articles and Print Books: InterLibrary Loan: choose InterLibrary Loan Request (ILL) then choose the appropriate link (On or Off Campus) then the form for Article or for Book. Fill in the information and choose YES for “*I agree to comply with these restrictions” (Failure to select "Yes" cancels your request.) After submitting, you will receive a copy (print/save) then you can use the back button to re-submit other requests.
    • The OFF CAMPUS ILL Link gives helpful information on accessing items.
  • For information on getting into your Library account, see the first video at: http://libguides.darton.edu/RESEARCH (opens new window)

Frequently Asked Questions:

  2. If you are at a campus near a University of Georgia System Library you can search their library book catalog by doing an advanced search in the Universal GIL-Find Catalog (opens new window) limited to that library Location. As a student in a University of Georgia System School you can check books out at that institution. (See rules for ID and participation at How to Use GIL Express (opens new window))

  3. Where do I get my material?
    CORDELE Campus students will pick up and drop off books at the office in Cordele thanks to the generosity and frequent travel of campus staff who will also return books to the Darton campus; resulting in less costs for mail support for both the Darton State College Library and the students involved in the process.
    Other campus students will receive materials by mail, fax or through instructors depending on the situation. Materials received through mail will need to be returned by the student on time at the student's expense.

  4. How do I know the due date?
    If it is an InterLibrary Loan or GIL Express it will have a label attached with a due date. Please return the book to the library by the due date with the label attached.
  5. How long before I get my article/book?
    You may get it within a few days but should allow AT LEAST 2 weeks.

  6. Is filling out the form a guarantee I’ll get the article/book?
    NO-not all requests can be filled. Requests for books published within the current year are often not filled.

  7. What about fees and costs?
    If a fee is charged by the lending library we will pass the cost(s) on to the patron in the form of a bill included with the item when it is sent to the patron.
    In order to use ILL patrons must be in good standing; that is they must be eligible for ILL and must return items on time and pay fees as applicable

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