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Change of Address Form

If the address shown in your account information is incorrect, please fill out the form below to update your address with the Darton Library.

Library notices are sent to the address in the patron’s record in the Circulation system. These notices are sent as a courtesy and failure to receive them does not absolve one from library obligations.

The patron is responsible for notifying the Access Services Department when his/her address changes.

Updating an address today does not absolve one of past obligations.

*Please note that Library Account number refers to the barcode number on your library card or your Darton ID card barcode (919######) or Registered Library Account number (919######)

If you have any questions, please contact us at the Reference Desk (229-317-6766).

Please fill out the information below:

(no nicknames, please)

Note: This will display as asterisks. To find your Student ID number use the Darton State College ID Look up Form (opens new window)

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