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Activating Your Darton Library Account Number

Because you may not be able to easily visit the library, we are offering this convenient way to register your library account number. If you have one of the newer Darton ID Cards you will note a barcode on the card. This barcode number consists of the numbers 919###### (total of 9 digits). As an alternative to coming into the library for checkout you may register this number (919######) as your Library Account Number whether or not you have obtained a Darton ID. If you later come in the library you may need to obtain an actual library card with an alternate barcode unless you have a Darton Student ID Card so please let the Circulation Desk know that you registered online before you try to check out a book. NOTE: to find your Darton ID number use the Darton State College ID Look up Form (opens new window).

Please note that only individuals whose records are clear of outstanding library obligations (fines, fees or overdue books) and are valid users according to Darton State College records can have their accounts activated. Some library borrowers who are not Darton faculty, staff or students may not be allowed access to the GALILEO password due to contract requirements made by database producers.

Fill out the form below and click the SUBMIT button at the bottom.

If you have any questions, please contact us at the Reference Desk (229-317-6766).

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Note: This will display as asterisks. To find your Student ID number use the Darton State College ID Look up Form (opens new window)

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